Perform home treatment with electrotherapy. You control time and place yourself.

Home treatment with electrotherapy

If everyday life is busy, and there is not enough time to give the body peace and care, then home treatment is now possible. By buying an electrical appliance from us, we now give you the opportunity to strengthen and restore your body at home, at any time. With a home treatment, you can decide at any time where and when you want to care for the body. You no longer have to depend on available times with the therapist, or when your own calendar has a place. Home treatment is the right tool for you who want to adapt and manage your everyday life, and be able to take 100% control over the length of the treatment. At home treatment, you learn to listen to your own body.

You now have the opportunity to watch your favorite TV show or relax on the couch while treating your own body at home.

Electrotherapy can be used as a pain treatment or for sore areas

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