Oles P.V. Electrotherapy
Oles P.V. Electrotherapy can be found in Crete. Here we perform treatments at the clinic.


Vores behandlingstyper vi tilbyder gennem elektroterapi

Pain treatment

Med elektroterpi, er det muligt at lave smertebehandling. Smertebehandlingen kan virke lindrende og forebyggende.



Vores Slendo-Fit kan anvendes som akpunktur apparat. Det kan du læse meget mere om her.


By buying a Slendo-Fit device, you can do home treatments through electrotherapy. Have full control over treatment and time. You will not be dependent on free times.

Slim without cure

Trænger kroppen til at blive frisket lidt op? Gennem elektroterapi giver vi dig muligheden for at træne kroppens muskler. Du kan gøre det mens du laver mad, eller ser din yndlingsserie.

Treatment with electrotherapy

If you feel tired on weekdays, the body has difficulty finding peace, or if the physical activity has decreased due to injuries or lack of energy, then electrotherapy may be the way forward for you.

Electrotherapy is a device designed for electrical stimulation of your body functions. These functions may be particularly delayed due to lack of exercise, lack of nutrition, overweight or stress. Through electrotherapy, you will experience how the device sends current impulses through the body’s nerve pathways. The body’s organs, body parts are directly connected to the central nervous system. By sending these current impulses through electrotherapy, you will experience how the device works with the body, thus optimizing and restoring the body’s balance again.

With electrotherapy, the body achieves an increase in blood circulation, which gives the body better working conditions to get rid of waste products and lactic acids.

Electrotherapy is a calm treatment that can be done both at the clinic, as well as at home. With electrotherapy, it will be possible to achieve an improvement in soreness in joints and muscles, but at the same time improve muscle strength.

You will find our clinic here


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