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On this page, you can read about statements from experts about our device for electrotherapy

Kristian P. Ho, chiefbandagist på Århus Kommunehospital

In connection with my work as chief bandagist in 1977, I was shown the electrical physiological device “SLENDO-FIT”

After the demonstration, I realized that here was a treatment apparatus that could help many patients. I have therefore since treated and contacted several of the patients who have used the device, and where it has been shown that it was effective in combating pain and slack muscles (paretic), by a perfect physiological training that regains the muscles their shape , resilience and increased blood circulation. The device is particularly suitable in the following cases.

After-effects of hemiplegia and polio
Edema and neuropathic pain in muscles
– For rapid healing of fractures and shin wounds
– Nerve pain (neuralgia)
– Tendon pain (neuritis)
– Pelvic pain (pelvis)
– Low back pain (spondylosis) (lumbar – sacrum)
– Benefits and restores a harmonious balance in adipose tissue
Relieves arterial sclerosis by physiologically elastic generating electronic impulses.
– Removes swelling in legs and ankles (cellulitis)
– Stimulates for mild spatic paresis and multiple sclerosis.
Treatment of peroneus paralysis by pro- and doral flexion
Treatment of infiltrations of the lower and upper extremities (arthritis)
– Stimulation of muscle and nerve pain on shoulders and neck (cervical)
– Has a pleasant stimulating effect on the sympathetic system, which contributes to pain (analgesia)
Has a good effect against headaches and migraines

The selection criterion is crucial for an optimal result. “

Kristian P Ho

Ernst Chr. Hansen, amd. chief physician rheumatology dept. The Municipal Hospital in Copenhagen

To Director Ole Franch

“Thank you for the slendo-fit device sent.

I have compared your device with a TNS device that we use here at the hospital.

I found that your device had virtually the same features as ours. There are scientific studies that prove a number of beneficial effects.

I point out, of course, that I have compared your device with one that we use here and have not found any significant differences.

Appliances of this kind can be purchased freely and are actually used all over the world for analgesic effect ect. I have mentioned that there are very few contraindications.

I must also mention, that when you recommended the device used for headaches ets., then one gad to mention that syptoms of this kind, must necessarily be examined by a doctor.

There may be more serious diseases behind it. “

Yours sincerely

Ernst Chr. Hansen

Electrotherapy can be used as a pain treatment or for sore areas

Lau Rosborg, physiotherapist for OB’s 1. division ladiesfootball i Odense



  1. Lau Rosborg

“In connection with my work as a physiotherapist for OB’s 1st Division women’s football team, as well as in connection with my work at the clinic, I have used the device” SLENDO-FIT “.

The primary work has been in the treatment of players’ injuries and here “SLENDO-FIT” has proven to be extremely effective in removing edema, hematomas, relieving pain, as well as reducing muscle tone in and around damaged or overtrained tissue.

I have included “SLENDO-FIT” at the clinic as part of the treatment of

– headache
– neck- / shoulderpain
– tendonpains
– lower back pains
– pain in knees / ankles

The device has been effective for the above treatments, provided the correct electrode placement and exact selection criteria for the individual patient. “


Lau Rosborg

We use electrotherapy to treat old injuries

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